black and plaid

I wanted to start out by saying this is my favorite outfit ever, but i say that every post so. But i really do love this one. Everything, except the tights, was bought with Christmas money, and the shirt was from a giveaway i won.

I have been yearning to wear this type of outfit for a long time. Plaid, black, grungy, preppy, topped with a wide brim black hat. Violet E  is a huge inspiration for this look of course. Her grungy, black wardrobe makes me despise my clothes. (But then i give in, and love my clothes again because i cant stay mad at them for long)

I finally got a leather jacket! Despite the fact that my dreams have come true and i own one, i'm still learning to love it. It's a bit small and cropped, and I wanted it to be loose and baggy and longer.  Returning it would be too much of a hassle though, so each day i try it on and stare at myself in the mirror, and am reminded i own this thing I've wanted forever. I will learn to fully love it eventually.

And im loving the plaid skirt too. Lately, i have been obsessing over plaid! I never cared for it much, until that thrift store trip i wrote about a few posts ago, where i came across garment after garment of beautiful plaid. And i think it just bombarded my brain so much, that the experience has rendered me plaid obsessed.

I scour though ebay and lust over the plaid skirts and blazers which i cant buy because i spent all my money. I was lucky enough to buy a plaid blazer with the last few pennies to my name from Christmas. Its a size 12, and im not, but i will make it work! It will be perfectly over sized and when i get it in the mail, i'll bury my face in it and soak up the plaid energies my life currently lacks.


think happy thoughts

I have finally figured out how to take a clear picture with my phone! (at least, much much clearer than before) I taped it onto my "tripod",the box my phone came in that i taped together to form an L shape, in a different manner than usual, and now im able to take pictures with the back of my phone rather than the front. And apparently this significantly increases the quality of the photo. This actually boosted my morale with this whole blog thing. Blogging is anxiety provoking to me. Whenever it comes time to take pictures and type the post, i get horribly panicky. Right now, im sweating like a pig!

Of course this space is for me. The only place where i can actually express myself though clothes. It's really special. But, and i don't think I'm alone in this, i want to do well with my blog. I want people to like it. I know that is wrong to some people, that if you express that you want to succeed, you are shit. But it's normal to want to succeed in whatever you do. It's a pretty common thing actually. Although i think i am thinking too much about success. But i cant help it, these thoughts just enter and stay. It's like i cant control my brain. And my body responds to these thoughts in such a horrible way. Through sweating, rapid heart beats.

Honestly before i started blogging, when forced to think about my social anxiety and how it was/is preventing me from getting a job, going to school, and living like a normal person, i thought maybe my blog will become successful, and i can make a living off of this, and i will never have to go outside! I don't know if that will happen, how can anyone predict success? I don't think it will, but i have a very active imagination that sometimes ignores reality. But this is why i felt a little better,  just a little, because nowadays the most popular blogs have perfect pictures, and mine are far from perfect, but i have improved. And who doesn't want their pictures to look pretty anyway?

Anyway, I'm still and always have been doing this blog for me. But popularity is just a nagging feeling. A very annoying, destructive nagging feeling. I don't know if it will go away. I spoke to some successful bloggers about this, and they told me not to worry. I'm really trying not to worry. I don't look at traffic, or lack of traffic, anymore. I don't check comments as often, which is why i missed Eline's by about a month! Or was it a few weeks? I don't know, I have not checked in a long time!

I'm excited to blog, now more than ever. (Thanks clear pictures!) Now, along with that anxiety there is excitement. I want to show off my style. I want to create interesting outfits, or boring ones if that is what i feel like. I just need to reiterate to myself that im doing this for ME. I think i will feel much better that way.


androgynous destruction

I'm experimenting with the monochrome look again today. I know i kind of look like a priest, which was not what i was going for, but hey, i like it. It also has an androgynous vibe as well. But if i wore this going out, i would definitely wear red lipstick to further confuse the masses. Like, OMG what is that?! A guy or a girl, WE'LL NEVER KNOW. And i imagine some like fainting and like cries of mercy. Like, TELL US WHAT YOU ARE, FOR THE SAKE OF OUR SANITY. PLEASE. And ill just catwalk out of the scene and whisper, you'll never know.

haha, i dont know where im going with this post. I think i need more sleep.

But i have been into androgyny lately. It's cool to see guys wearing heels and lipstick, with all black or white, or even color. And vice versa for girls. It's an interesting look. I really got into it after i saw a picture of this rad girl's new haircut months ago. Her name is Arrow de Wilde, and i think she's a professional kewl gurl. Ugh, i want her hair so bad! It looks like a boy's. But it's pink. And there are so many ways to style it. Bedhead, or straight and slick. Whatever, i wish i was like her when i was younger!

I love many of the pieces in this outfit, and half of them happen to be my mom's. The coat just screams 90s doesn't it? My mom got it back then. I love the length and the shoulder pad sass. The pants are part of my mom's new churidar. They are really thin and loose and remind me of summer. The skinny cut is the new fashion for churidar pants. The old style was wide leg. Before that, they were insanely wide legged, like the size of two men! My mom has a very very old pair like that, which is now gathering dust and hanging in the back of the closet, never to see the light of day again i'm guessing.


lisa the equestrian looks

Have you guys seen the episode of The Simpsons entitled Lisa's Pony? It's a really good episode, and has a really sweet ending. And of course, also provides tons of laughs, like when Lisa woke up screaming next to what she thought was a horse's head.

Apart from great entertainment, that episode also provided lots of style inspo! Apart from all the inspiration from colorful houses, people, general clothing that the simpsons always gives me, Lisa's equestrian outfit has been sticking with me since i saw it months ago. It was begging to be recreated. So I came up with an outfit that has equestrian looks, and somehow i see old turn of the century circus looks mixed in as well?

The outfit that inspired me. Note: how adorable is she??

old circus-y looks

This one is one of my favorites because it has a vintage, old timey feel to it. I like that this outfit encapsulates vintage wrinkled postcards, sepia soaked photographs, turn of the century advertisements, all into an outfit. I wasn't trying to do that, but i like how it came together and kinda happened.

eerrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. These photographs don't do the outfit enough justice! How do people take such mesmerizing pics with camera phones?? Please tell me your secrets!!


spring outfit in the dead of winter

The weather is still terrible, single digit temperatures and snow piled up high, as well as that nasty gray slush that exists solely to ruin your shoes and pants. But i have decided to dress up completely inappropriate for this weather. A nice thin skirt and cardigan that won't protect me from the slightest breeze. Also, shoes that i am very ocd about. The slightest speck of dust will make me gasp and dust every inch off because they are too pretty to be covered in dust. So yeah, i think i'd have a heart attack if i had to step in that snow slush with my favorite shoes on.

But i put this put this outfit together because the colors go amazingly together and it reminds me of spring. Right now i feel like were as far from spring as we can possibly be. (go away evil weather!) I actually don't mind winter, if its not too cold that is, but lately it's been unbelievable. So i have worn this outfit and maybe the bright colors will scare the bad weather away? Let's hope so!

Also, I've been listening to Pack Up by Eliza Doolittle on loop while writing this, and it matches my outfit! It's the happiest spring time/running through fields song. Let's all belt out this song while wearing bright colors and invite spring and non toe and finger numbing weather please!


bobby soxer

 Today i am a bobby soxer. Complete with saddle shoes and all! (Or as close to saddle shoes as i'll ever get because m o n e y) The skirt is really old. I wore it in a 3rd grade play, where i was playing Betsy Ross's granddaughter, and then it disappeared until a year ago when i found it in the back of a closet. I still actually love it! The sweater was thrifted. I think it was the second or third thing i ever thrifted. Amazing facts in Vee's thrifting history! It's made of angora fur and the color is beautiful. Most importantly, now than ever because of the polar vortex (wtf? sounds like something out of a science fiction novel), it's warm!!

Aaaand, my newest and most favorite shoes ever! Look how shiny and perfect they are! I'm not even kidding, but when unpacked them, i swear they had a new shoe smell. It slightly smelled of gasoline, but i like that? Im weeeirrd. Anyway i have wanted saddle shoes, or saddle like shoes in this case, for so long. I think i even dreamed of them a few times, along with leather jackets and wide brim hats. Both of which better arrive in the mail soon! Please??

Inspiration for today's outfit is from obsessively watching 50s instructional/informational videos. The very cheesy yet extremely intriguing ones. You guys know what i mean. There are the classics like Are You Popular? and The Snob. I wonder if kids in the 50s thought these were funny. They're so ridiculous, but give you great insight about culture and what was valued back then. But my favorites are the makeup instructionals and the ones that focus on fashion.

These spectacles look very modern though. I can't believe they ever would have worn them in the 50s, or even thought them up.

Same goes for the shoes. Personally i love the Victorian boots and the swan lake shoes.

And below is a really cool makeup tutorial. A lot of these old rules still apply today. I actually learned more about makeup from this video than any modern one. 



Hey all. I've fallen back into the monotonous tone that is life, since new years, and no longer feel that fear and other stuff i wrote about last post. If i don't think about everything, then i can pretend all these problems don't exist. That's what i do most of the time and that's why holidays are the worst because they force me to reflect and accept things like "YOU'RE GOING NOWHERE IN LIFE". And yes, forced holiday reflections usually sound like a mean old somebody (i don't know what to put in place of somebody, so just insert the meanest person you know, and that's what it sounds like! yayyy. cool.)

May i tell you how much i love this dress? I love this dress. So so much. It's actually one part of the traditional Indian outfit that is the churidar. You're supposed to wear it with pants and a shawl, but i love the tunic itself, in this instance, because it looks like a pretty vintage dress. I don't know if it's vintage, but it is old. I think my mom got it in the 80s or early 90s. I love the silhouette. It swirls like CRAZY when you twirl around. And that is like a must for me. Also it has pretty embroidery. 

 Yesterday i finally got some clothes i ordered around Christmas!! We all know the feeling of waiting for online orders to arrive right? It's the worst! I'm always so anxious whenever i order stuff. I'm extremely paranoid and fear that a certain brother will steal my order before i can get to it first. (I have three, and i'm talking about my older one). Irrational right? Not if you met him. Honestly, i think he took a few things before. Two things actually, a pair of leggings and some cute earrings. The leggings situation actually worked out for the better but it's a long story, so let's just say i got a hat out of it. 

But i will avail! I will get my treasures before he does! I will win! I have a headache. 

I came back here because i need to write some stuff. My blog is my personal space to fill with my personal thoughts, good and bad. But i don't want to fill it with him.  Writing about that anxious stuff in the previous paragraph is making me feel weird and a bit sick. I want to give myself positive affirmation and kind words because i am so negative. And i need positive. I deserve positive. I want to fill my blog with positive. Soo..

If you take my things, I. Will. Pee. On. All. You. Eat. (Thanks and cred to the tumblr post dub of Professor Snape)

I will fart on all your clothes.

I win.

I own.

I am the best.

I AM the mofo queen.

Ahhhhhhhhh. That feels so much better. I need to do this for myself more often.
Flips hair and walks out cause i own the damn place.

Anyways, many of the things i ordered are stuff i wanted forever, including a leather jacket and saddle shoes! Maybe i'll do a haul post when it all arrives. Ugh, i know it's going to be weeks though. Please let this month go by fast.

k bye, have a good everything and anything!