black and plaid

I wanted to start out by saying this is my favorite outfit ever, but i say that every post so. But i really do love this one. Everything, except the tights, was bought with Christmas money, and the shirt was from a giveaway i won.

I have been yearning to wear this type of outfit for a long time. Plaid, black, grungy, preppy, topped with a wide brim black hat. Violet E  is a huge inspiration for this look of course. Her grungy, black wardrobe makes me despise my clothes. (But then i give in, and love my clothes again because i cant stay mad at them for long)

I finally got a leather jacket! Despite the fact that my dreams have come true and i own one, i'm still learning to love it. It's a bit small and cropped, and I wanted it to be loose and baggy and longer.  Returning it would be too much of a hassle though, so each day i try it on and stare at myself in the mirror, and am reminded i own this thing I've wanted forever. I will learn to fully love it eventually.

And im loving the plaid skirt too. Lately, i have been obsessing over plaid! I never cared for it much, until that thrift store trip i wrote about a few posts ago, where i came across garment after garment of beautiful plaid. And i think it just bombarded my brain so much, that the experience has rendered me plaid obsessed.

I scour though ebay and lust over the plaid skirts and blazers which i cant buy because i spent all my money. I was lucky enough to buy a plaid blazer with the last few pennies to my name from Christmas. Its a size 12, and im not, but i will make it work! It will be perfectly over sized and when i get it in the mail, i'll bury my face in it and soak up the plaid energies my life currently lacks.


  1. The skirt, the shoes and the collared top is ADORBS. It really is some cute x kick-ass outfit you going on! We only hope you someday gain the confidence to rock this without any form of hesitation.

    From the girls of MVD,

  2. hey vee- i haven't read your blog in a long time but just wanted to let you know that in case you're doubting yourself or something- your style and writing is amaazing and this is the coolest outfit.